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Discipline equals Freedom 

You might be thinking that being disciplined equals more stress, more time limits and more deadlines. In fact it is quite the opposite.

by Entrenador Personal Madrid David Hughes

You see freedom ONLY begins with discipline, without discipline there is no freedom. Want more free time, be more disciplined, want more money, be more disciplined. Want better health, be more disciplined.


Ok so how do we put this into practice? well first of al lets explain the concept, although I have to admist this is not be own concept but one taken from navy seal commander and author of the book “Extreme Ownership” Jocko willink which Ive linked to below




Life Is Too Short To Not Live It To The Fullest!

So you want more free time?

Lets start with the one that seems to get everyone in a twist, having more free time. You see having more free time is possible when you put the discipline into the work that MUST be done before your time is free.

If we look deep enough we can all honestly admit that there are times throughout the day when we waste time surfing on the internet, looking at gossip, talking to friends when other things need to be done and of course social media and Netflix (just one more episode?) 🙂


Having the discipline to structure out EXACTLY what work needs to be done, creating a time frame for this work to be be completed and then DOING IT with ZERO, yes ZERO distractions is what is going to allow you to then have the time to speak to friends, surf the internet or do things we enjoy.

Ready to get more freedom?

So where do we begin?

The best place to start with disciplibne is getting up early, I hear you groan, but fear not, getting up early and attacking the day will set you up for an extremely successful period. So, how do you get up early? If you said by going to bed early, then you´d be wrong, you see getting up early actually begins with getting up early. That first day no matter what time you finally fell asleep you discipline yourself to get up early even with the tiredness still fresh in your eyes, thius is like a bank account. Each deposit of getting up early you make makes your account stronger and stronger, you´ll naturally fall asleep earlier and therefore gain more sleep time and wake up fresher and fresher. So start with getting up 30 mins earlier than normal from now and straight off the bat you’ve gained 30 mins extra throught the day.

What use is 30 mins extra if Im still as busy?


So what do you do to extraopulate everything you possibly can from those extra 30 mins and the entirevday tio make it a roaring success. Well part two happens in the evening, needs only take 5 mins (it takes me 2 mins so 5 mins is being generous) and it involves planning out the next days schedule and prioritizing what YOU want to prioritse FIRST. This is where I will throw in one of the most important pieces of information on how to start your day.

Do not switch your phone on until you have planned it in your schedule to turn on, the great businessman jack ma describes looking at your phone first thing in the morning as “giving up your sovereignty” such a great way to describe it, do not give up your power first thing in the morning.


You see, for maximum benefit one has to become pro-active to work on the tasks one has prioritized and not re-active. Turninig on your phone,email etc before even setting foot in the office is a sure fire way to throw your brain off track and turn you tpo reacting to fix and answeror at least think of all the responses that “must be done” now before you have even set it up on your schedule. Don´t give away your power.


Here is a sample morning routine disciplined schedule and before you let out a big sigh, discipline is described as tasting like “a fantastic steak” by Jocko eillink the navy seal. Imagine how it would feel to have your health, wealth, work and family situations under your control, would feel pretty amazing right! Well, it is hard work BUT it all starts with discipline. On with the sample day :


0600 wake up eat breakfast and coffee (my gym clothes and work clothes are all prepared the night before you see, discipline)

0630 leave for gym

0700 – 0815 Train shower change

0845 – In work

09:00 – 09:30 get to work on prioritized tasks number 1

09:30 – Switch on phone/computerand REACT and respond to any situations

10:30 – 12:30 Prioritised task number 2

12:30 – 14:30 wiggle room for meetings responding to emails

14:30 – 15:30 Lunch

15:30 – !6 :30 Prioritised task number 3

16:30 – 17:30 Prioritised task number 4

17:30 – 18:30 settle up and finish outstanding tasks, plan the next day, travel home

19:00 – home time open for 20:00 – dinner

21:00 – family time / reading and open time



*Important. This is a sample and will differ from your own timetable responsibilities and commitments. It is NOT to be used to prove or disprove any point of how you can discipline your day, only to be used as a small guide to pick any ideas from it you can to implement.

If you think you can´t do this, you´re right!

If you´ve looked at that and immediately thought “I can´t do that, my job is different, my kids take up more time etc etc” then you´re right, you may as well just give up now and end it, I can´t help you.

BUT!!! And this is the kicker! If you are open to just scheduling out YOUR day as best YOU can with the tools, responsibilities and commitments YOU have then that my friend means you are starting on a journey to freedom through discipline!


If you´d like to hear more about this here is Jocko Willink´s podcast link : http://jockopodcast.com


I´d love to hear your thoughts and struggles, but if you are to put a struggle in the comments that you are facing then I ALSO expect you to put forward a solution to that struggle that could possibly work for you. The answers lie within you.


And if you want to start getting disciplined with your fitness then check out our results here (ww.wdavidhughes.es) and drop us a message)

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