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Madrid Personal Trainer David Hughes reveals the fat loss LIES!!



Carbohydrates make you fat

I go loopy over this one! The amount of people I have that come to me thiking that carbs are bad because of some diet book that lets you eat a big mac as part of your “diet”. errrrr Halååååååååååå!!?

Im not arguing that loading up on sugary and refined-carbohydrate-rich foods, such as white bread, pasta and doughnuts, can raise your risk of developing health problems like heart disease and diabetes increase dramatically. But if you also are missing out on “good-carb” foods, such as whole grains, beans, fruits and vegetables, you’re missing out on your body’s main source of fuel as well as vital nutrients and fiber.

A low balanced carbohydrate nutrition plan is the best, low in crappy carbohydrate that increase fat content and risk of heart disease but normal in the super carbohydrates that the body needs to perform at a proper level!


Eating Calories at night is more fattening than eating them early in the day.


Calories are calories, it doesn´t matter what time you eat them. What matters is the total number of calories you are eating throughout the day in comparison to what your body needs to sustain its current weight/lose weight.

As you know I am not a calorie counter on my nutrition plans but many people begin their fitness journey counting calories so it is important to start with the correct information.


You crave certain foods when you are deficient in the nutrients they provide

That aint true unless you’re a deer or moose. (In the spring, those animals are attracted to “salt licks”—mineral deposits that supply nutrients they need.) Our food cravings unlike the moose are down to our emotional needs and tend to occur when your diet is restricted or boring, or when you know that you can’t have something. When youre not allowed it, you want it more! Am I right? 🙂


The new fad of Fasting is what the body needs to cleanse toxins from your body

Now I´ve been quite intrigued by this new shift towards fasting and I must say I have seen it work for people who have addictive tendencies. However your body has its own elegantly designed system for removing toxins, known more commonly as the liver, kidneys and spleen. There isn’t any evidence that not eating—or consuming only juice—for any period of time makes them do this job any better.


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