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In life, there might be times when cynicism appears to be all around you, choking out your fantasies and devastating your expectation. At the point when that happens, many experience their day being immersed with cynicism and tolerating it as a lifestyle. While you can’t generally control what happens to you, you can control how you react to it. Create a positive “you space” protected from negativity and you’ll start to feel spurred on to accomplish your goals and objectives. Here are 10 approaches from Personal Trainer Madrid David Hughes to remain motivated and on course through difficult circumstances:

1) Think gradual improvement not weight loss. Do you only make good food choices when you are trying to lose weight? Train your mind and body but improving yourself little by little each day rather than a drastic turnaround.

2) REDUCE but do not ELIMINATE. Instead of going cold turkey on your favourite naughties, just gently cut down on the things that you know are not helping with your health and weight loss. Cutting things out entirely can lead to strong rebounds

3) Pace yourself. Taking on too much at once is a recipe for disaster. Instead of taking on a bunch of new tasks you aren’t exactly looking forward to (a new exercise plan, new strict eating regime), why not take bite-sized action steps? “Work on a task you’ve been postponing for ten minutes and then decide whether or not to continue. If you discontinue the task, schedule another time to get it done” suggests Dr. Andrew Weil, Director of Integrative Health and Healing at Miraval Resort.

4) Focus on the positive changes new eating habits have brought you. Instead of focusing only on the changes you aren’t seeing yet (i.e. a drop in your scale weight), focus on the benefits you are noticing, like the increased energy and confidence from exercising.

5) Get yourself that new look now. Think about the haircut you would have in your dreams, how you would dress, what would you eat? Put this into effect now, go get your haircut how you would love now, make the changes and first steps to become the person you most want to be now.

6) Treat yourself to some cool workout gear. Go get some cool slacks fo training you feel good about yourself and feel comforatble whilst training. Something that suits you and allows you to be yourself but with a swagger. Its all about feeling good about yourself and improving your confidence little by little

7) Drop the “perfect” mentality. Did you slip up? Have a moment of weakness? That’s OK, and it can EVEN BE A GOOD THING. Life is not all a balance as every guru harps on about, balance means mediocre at everything. Somedays you will slip up as other areas of your life take precedence. Take any slip ups on the chin and agree with yourself to jump back on board the next day and forget about the slip up with renewed vigour and energy.

8) Be kind to yourself. Give yourself a hug once in awhile! Train hard, eat right, sleep well, but once a week, allow yourself an indulgence. Enjoy your favorite dessert, get a massage, or simply take some time for yourself to relax.

9) Use your social network! Post it, tweet it, blog about it, whatever you like, but put it out there! “If you tell others that you are striving for a major goal, you will find support that keeps you accountable and makes your steps to success less overwhelming”

10) Schedule your workouts at least a month ahead of time and stick to them like a doctors appointment (coz they are!). One of the reasons for our great success in the kick ass club is that we schedule workouts for our superstars and they stick to them. This was a major shift in thinking when i first implemented this and the results have SKYROCKETED because of this. If you haven´t booked in and planned ALL your trainings weeks ahead you are more likely to miss them, fact. If you are extremely busy then find the time when you are free (THERE IS ONE ALWAYS) and book that baby in. Be as regimented in your scheduling of your workouts as you are with doctors appointments.