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Ok so loads of people been asking about my own set of rules when it comes to achieving, so, here I share with you my very own top ten laws of training for results. What do you think?

1. The C word!!! Wo!! I said it, thats right, the famous C word “Consistency”. Consistency is FUNdaMENTAL in hitting results. All training and nutrition should be based around a consistent approach to training. Sure, take a some days off, sure have a couple of wines, no problem. But have in place a SOLID foundation that is the consistent base in your training and nutrition that is followed on a day to day week to week basis.

2. Take your time to build up. Whether this be training a client to drop 5 or 50 kilos or training myself for a thai fight or Long distance triathlon I always believe in a paced start as it has always brought the best results for me and my clients. So start steady, and build up-

3. Have fun. So important to incorporate fun into your workouts, whether that be music, silly outfits, a couple of new exercises. Whatever it takes, Just enjoy it! 🙂

4. GOALS- Do you have any? Are you working towards new goals constantly. Why stop? Why not be the best you can be???? Small steps, start slowly but ALWAYS HAVE A GOAL IN MIND, and when you accomplish it hit new one.

5. Read, yes thats right Read!! I am constantly reading to learn learn learn, train your body and train your mind. Again this goes back to being the best you can be. keep learning

6. NO EXCUSES, EXCUSES/REASONS/EXPLANATIONS, it has many names but at the end of the day the only thing these things do is take you further away from being the best you can be. Drop’em like a bag of poop…FAST!

7. SAY YES! Hey you fancy doing a cross the world one legged mountain bike adventure? YES! how about an ocean swim for charity? YES! how about a triathlon? YES! 5km run? YES When adventures and opportunities come up say YES, go for it, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE, and get to show yourself the person you can be.

8. LISTEN TO YOURSELF: Anyone who says you can’t do this or you can’t do that, give em a karate chop, you can do whatever you set your mind to it. So GET TO IT!

9. DON’T LISTEN TO YOURSELF: Sometimes you’ll hear that inner voice telling you you can’t do it, or that you’re no good at this or no good at that. Don’t listen, that is just your “old” self image talking to you and controlling you who are and not who you will become. Sometimes this can be from other people (parents/friends/spouses) drilling into your brain that you are one thing or the other (clumsy, always late, etc etc) These things hold no truth apart frm the truth you give them. Below is an interesting video by the best selling author on this very topic, is your self image holding you back? Go after a new you.


10. START, just start, whatever it is just start, “start with the tools you have and pick up new ones along your way” I just butchered a famous quote but this is the exact idea. Do not wait for the right moment, right tools, right anything. It aint gonna come. So start now on your business project, your essay, your training, your nutrition, your happiness.