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YUP thats right big ol (not so) mighty david nearly passed out yesterday on my 5hour bike ride. Now Im not saying we should train until we pass out, not at all. But i think it illustrates the importance of training to your maximum efficiency to achieve your goals.

As some of you know Im injured at the minute with an achilles tear, im getting better but was going stir crazy so what did I do, yup i signed up for Ironman Lanzarote in just 8 weeks time, dóh!!! 4 km swim, 180km bike and if im recovered from my injury finishing with a 42km  run.


So what has passing out gotta do with it? Well you know when you set goals its important to go all out for them, not vomiting, not even passing out but just be committed. You see commitment is what is gonna get you your goals whether that be an ironman or to drop 5kg in 6 weeks, Motivation comes and goes and we are all hit with ups and downs in our motivation, what will take you to your goals is not motivation but COMMITMENT! I often say the best workout is the one you never wanted to do, it was raining, you were tired, had a hard day at work, but you go, you push through and hey it may not be the most energetic workout but you came, you were committed to showing up and pushing through, and that me ol mucker is how you can achieve whatever goal you set for yourself.

Commitment to following through and turning up when you least feel like.


On that note Im off to lift some metal, am i in the mood? na, will i do it? YOU can bet my yellow poker dot underpants on it! Grrrrrrr!


How do you feel about the motivation vs Commtment issue? write me below and lets conversate, argue and chuck banana skins at each other until we come to a mutually beneficial conclusion 😉