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If you’re like Madrid Personal Trainer David Hughes and many people out there, as soon as you hear the words, ‘calorie counting’, you get a slight feeling of dread or anxiety in your stomach.



Let’s take a closer look at the topic of calorie counting to determine whether it’s something that is a must-have in your program plan.

Your Natural Eating Tendencies

The very first thing to look at when deciding whether calorie counting is something that you’ll need to be doing as you go about your program is what your natural eating tendencies are.

Some people naturally tend to consume fewer calories simply because they don’t think about eating each day. Others aren’t the same.  Food seems to always be on their mind and if they had it their way, they’d eat every hour of the day.

If you’re the latter, calorie counting is going to be imperative to you because if you don’t, chances are you will consume too many calories for fat loss to take place.

If you’re the former, then it’s really up to you, but it will be important to note that eating too few calories isn’t a good thing either, so you may want to start keeping track of your calorie intake to ensure that you are eating enough.  

Your Desired Rate Of Fat Loss

The second thing to think about when assessing whether you should count calories or not is what your desired rate of fat loss is.

If you want to lose exactly one pound per week though, then calorie counting will be essential.  This is the only thing that is going to ensure that you are eating as many calories as you should be so that you can create the calorie deficit required to see that rate of fat loss take place.

Your Normal Food Choices

Finally, last but not least, also take into account what your typical food choices are.  If you normally lean towards eating foods that are lower in calories such as fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and wholesome grains, then you may take in a lower calorie diet naturally.

If you often choose higher calorie items though like breads, pasta, nuts and nut butters, beef, and other high fat dairy products like cheese, then calorie counting is going to help you gain an appreciation for how many you are taking in. For you it will be essential.

So there you have the main things to note about calorie counting and whether you need it to get good results on your weight loss program.

Some people can get away with it while others can’t – it’s up to you to decide for yourself whether you’ll require it to see optimal success.