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Some more photos and videos of the Journey : (“BUT WE AIN’T FINISHED YET BAAABBY!!”)

p.s David’s gym got 2 floors so when its blue floor I’m in the boxing dungeon room,  wooden floor I’m upstairs in the V.I.P baby!

My before pic

Battering the fat off, its coming

Sir YES Sir!

Getting better

A bit tired in this photo but the fat keeps getting sent to hell

Dave’s Barcelona Triathlon client event, Dave got us all tshirts saying “Anyone Idiot can run, it takes a special kind of idiot to do a triathlon” He was right! haha

Finishing the triathlon

After some boxing, 26 kilos down

I won an iPad too in Dave’s iPad2 competition!

And I won success of the month Gold star Award twice! 🙂

In 2011…

and in 2012 in the mega month…(The gals come first, Im at 2`50 on the vid if u wanna skip the other successes) 😉

31 kilos down and ready to get in even better shape now!

34 kilos down and Going Strong!




  • David says:

    You are a Legend!! Great Work Jez!!! Sir Yes Sir. Extremely proud of you!!!

  • Julie says:

    Well done!

  • Fernando says:

    Muy bien Jeremy!! y David! Felicidades!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Inspiring. I,ve known J for a decade now and Chubby J was a good guy – fit J is a good guy & a yet a changed man! Awesome work, superb commitment.

  • jeremy says:

    thanks all. i am still about 15 kilos from my “best weight” but i’m in with personal trainer madrid for at least another year 🙂 so i’ll smash it and get shredded to boot.

    watch this space…