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Behind the scenes photos of Personal Trainer Madrid Triathlon, David and his superstar clients aout in force to make it a fantastic day with a big thanks to all my superstar clients who took part, came down and supported and everyone ready for the next adventure! 😉


Shaaaaavon looks excited! 😉

Jeremy finishing strong with help from the family
Marie Focused before the swim
Helene happy its over
David trying to muster a smile
Candy sets off for action
Archie looking cool and collected
Marie getting a cool down
Rebecka finishing her super ride
Sophie congratulating jen on her new haircut! 🙂
Helene lookin worried before kick off
Team tryin to hold it together, holding it together
Geraldine rallying the troops
Looking easy for jen
Team trilicious in a group “wed did it” hug
david threatens to kick guido if he beats him
Some o the gang
Jez gets ready to bike
David looking knackered
Brice and nuria hiding the nerves before diving in the lake of hell
Boris “superman” finishing 34th!!!
Mistri doin “the lightbulb”
Alberto on the olympic distance triathlon!
Antonio gives the fumbs up
One happy group! 🙂 before we started for sure 😉
Mistri explaining the special bike route
Emmanuel and Boris discussing bike tactics, Geraldine baby teaching Ayden a glasgow kiss
Barbecue in relax mode
Smile! we survived!
Happy times and a great day
Memories being made all day!

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