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Madrid Personal Trainer David Hughes gives you your Secret Top Workout Recovery Foods




I looooove ma honey and it is well known to contain recovery properties and used by the hidden but world famous tarahumara Ultra runners. Manuka honey in particular, which is made from bees that feed on Manuka flowers in New Zealand, possesses anti-inflamatory properties, not to mention the carbohydrates needed to help rebuild muscle fibers.



Now any of you lucky enough to have used my 28 day fat shredding plan know that Salmon is a mainstay of my nutrition. Scientists are still debating this one, but the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil appear to help reduce post-exercise muscle inflammation. The conventional wisdom is that omega 3s lower the amount of prostaglandin, a naturally produced compound in the body that can accentuate inflammation. Salmon is also packed with lean protein.



Widely known as a post exercise muscle builder but what most people don´t know is that  turkey contains selenium, a nutrient that helps buffer damaging by-products of exercise (peroxides and free radicals) that accumulate in the muscles during training. According to the book Advanced Sports Nutrition by Dan Benardot, “A selenium deficiency may result in muscle weakness and increased recovery time after exhaustive exercise.”


Coconuts and bananas 

Aswell as being a fantastic pre workout food bananas and coconuts contain potassium, sodium, and calcium. It’s potassium that prevents involuntary muscle contraction, its is abundant in both bananas and coconuts. Those also happen to be the two main ingredients in Samoan poi, a classic Hawaiian dish which I sampled in Maui not long ago. And those guys were very in touch with health and nature! Fab!

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