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Madrid Personal Trainer David Hughes´top ways to get STRONG FAST!



Barbell training. It really amazes me when I walk into a big box gym and see all these crazy lat dec machines, ab rollers and then NO barbells! Really?? The key to big strength gains lies in using barbells and dumbells with big weights. Engaging the muscles correctly and being persitent on the proper technique is what leads to BIG GAINS rather than just sitting down and aimlessly banging out 10 crappy reps on a bicep auto machine. Thats why you won´t see machines in the kick ass club. First thing I did was throw them all out! 

Goal setting. I wanna be BIIIIIIG aint a goal! Just the same as a marathon runner will set him/herself a specific timed goal to work towards, set yourself a numeric goal with your strength gains, muscle mass increase in KG or weight goals for sets.
Working hard on the basics. Your Squat, deadlifts and press are the basics that build a solid foundation to all your strength gains, take em seriously
Focusing on proper form. I said this before but I´ll say it again, the weight you lift is just one part of the strength training response, but having proper form ensures that you are producing the appropriate strength training stimulus and are doing so safely.
More hard work. “Bulgarian weightlifters were not known for having the best technique, but they were amazingly successful because they worked harder and heavier than anyone. Whereas lifters from other countries were training five times a week, the Bulgarians were training five times a day. And they were going heavy every workout. Likewise, you need to take every workout seriously, with a sense of urgency about achieving success.”
Even more hard work. You dont have to move to Bulgaria but STEP IT UP!