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Personal Trainer Madrid David explains Why Im such an asshole.

Yeah some people think Im an asshole! I know right, hard to believe! 😉 Na I mean listen I can be a bit brutal in the gym sometimes when people come to me asking for help. I am told of the (sometimes major!) problems they are facing and how it is affecting them in such a bad way and how they are desperate to change it. Fantastic, I think, Coz i bloody know we can help this situation 100 million percent and am super excited to help change this persons life around. Then sometimes just sometimes you hear the killer words “I need to think about it”. Yo what? Nothing beats a dream more than hesitation.

Why doesn’t a baby have bowel problems? Thats right coz when they need a poopoo they aint gonna be “thinking about it” heeeel noo they unleashing that beast right over the carpet, the car seat and in your face! And then check out the smile on their face knowing they just did a big poo and held nothing back and back on with their day happy as larry!


You see thats why im a bit of an asshole, if someone wants to “think about it” I flat out say, nope, not happening. There is no think, there is just do or do not. I have had countless occasions where people have begged me to “let them think about it” and I just said “nope”, if this aint for you, no problem but if it is for you, lets rock n roll on this and get to where you want to be.

And what happens??? Yup just like the little cheeky baby after the big poopoo, after just one week they smiling ear to ear and feeling soo much better about themselves and thanking me for telling it like it is and making them come to a decision.


Thats what I do when I sign up for crazy events and swim the “impossible” from alcatraz prison to san francisco, sign up for ironman races, fight in televised muay thai fights in Bangkok in front of hundreds of thousands of people, fly half way around the world on one days notice to attend a 2 day fitness event. No im not saying this to brag, im saying this to illustrate that if i stop to “think” about doing these things then i would poop my pants and never sign up.

I live by this rule and encourage you to aswell! Im extremely proud of gently encouraging (forcing? 😉 ) my past clients to do triathlons, spartan races, 10k runs, half marathons and training, they were “thinking about it” until I pulled those pants down and let the poop out (hypothetically speaking this time!) 😉

So the next time you get an opportunity to better yourself or just want to do something to push yourself and make yourself better, don’t say “I´ll think about” GO FOR IT.

Oh by the way did I mention that you can sign up for our group events like the crazy spartan race or madrid triathlon? Don´t tell me you’re “thinking about it”

David “just going for a poo” Hughes