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Personal Trainer Madrid presenting your xmas Survival Guide, thats right homies and homettes! Tha fat smashing dont stop at xmas time, moooooooore I said!!!! I want moooooooooreeee!!! More fat burning, more fat destroying, more muscle growth, more power, more energy, more running personal bests, moooooooooreeeeee!!

Yup I dressed up as Santa this time 🙂 MOST PEOPLE GAIN BETWEEN 3-6 KILOS OF FAT AT XMAS!! Aaaaghhhhh nooooo, IN my xmas survival guide I show you how to survive WITHOUT putting on 6kilos of fat just coz its holiday time. Booyaaaaaa!

Click on the image below or click here to get your xmas survival guide

Graaaaandeeeee. Have a great xmas!