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Personal Trainer Madrid – Halloween Survival Tactics

Hmmmmm, what can you give the kiddies that come knocking on your door all dressed up and wanting candy, I said Caaaaaaaaaandddddddyyyy. Well, you could give them the fright of their lives by dressing up as freddie kruger and chasing them away, jeje, or you could prepare some alternative healthy snack sfor them that they think are naughty, sneaky huh. 😉 And you can also use these for your guests also, check em out:



Dark chocolate and nuts: Now if you know me you know I don´t ban choccies or sweet things, but I´m picky about what I buy and recommend . When picking out my Halloween offerings, I choose chocolates with nuts like peanuts or almonds and skip the sugary caramel. I choose chocolates (and lean towards the darker varieties) because of the potential heart-health benefits and antioxidants.

Popcorn: It is a healthy treat, rich in antioxidants and fibre and everyone loves it!

Rice crispy squares: I love these little treats, heres a cool party recipe for them



Oh you are saying, but i want something EVIL AND NAUGHTY, oooh go on then, heres an evil drinks recipe form me to you, but remember, I´m waaaaaatchiiinggggg yooooooooouu, ja ja ja jaaaaaa:



This blood-red punch is perfect for a Kick Ass Halloween party. Just add a slither of gin or vodka for a naughtier version.

Ingredients :

500ml/18fl oz cranberry juice
1.5 litres/2½ pints lemonade
3 limes, juice only
large handful gummi worms


Preparation method:
Pour all of the ingredients into a large glass bowl and mix until well combined.
Drape the gummi worms over the edge of the bowl.



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